Hometown Spirit FAQs

1. What is your minimum order?

While we don't necessarily have a specific minimum, we will help you determine a decorating method that makes the most sense from a cost-effective point of view. Screen printing requires art, screens, set-up time and print time. All of those costs must be covered in the process. Therefore, it may be too expensive to screen print just a shirt or two. Likewise, embroidery often incurs digitizing or set-up fees. Since every job is different, we will be glad to discuss the specifics of your needs and help you determine your best decorating option, even if it isn't with us. 

2. How much is my order going to cost?

Every job varies. While we have a general pricing grid to help us get you a quick quote, there are variables that we will take into account to try to get you the best competitive price we can. The primary factors that drive a price are type of garment used, quantity, number of locations to be decorated (front only, back and front, etc.) and the number of colors used in the design. Again, let our experienced sales staff discuss your specific needs with you to get you the best price possible.  

3. I have my garments already, can I bring them to you for decoration?

Short answer - yes, usually. There are limiting factors that we would be glad to talk about with you. Also, while mistakes are rare, they do happen. If your garment is damaged during production, we will not be able to replace them for you. 

4. How long does the process take?

You are probably tired of hearing this, but each order is unique. As a result, there is no stock answer for this question. However, once we receive your order, your approval on the art, and any necessary deposit, our typical turn-around time is 6-8 working days. Depending on numerous factors, some orders can be completed quicker, while others may take a little longer. Rush orders are sometimes available. Again, talk to one of our sales representatives to discuss your particular needs. 

5. I have art already created, what formats do you use?

While we prefer vectored art (in an eps or ai file extensions), we can work with most file formats. One of the keys to non-vectored art is the quality of the resolution - the higher, the better. Keep in mind that something you create in a jpeg on the computer using a white background may not translate exactly like that on a black t-shirt. We will be glad to look at your creation and help you get the best result for the finished product. 

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